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The 1-to-1 Programs / 一對一計劃

The 1-to-1 Program is an exciting part of the school that enhances and complements curriculum across all subjects and is aligned with the school’s Mission, Vision & Values, STEM initiatives, and curriculum. The use of technology in the classroom prepares our students for future excellence and the world they will enter. 

Whether you need to purchase an iPad or laptop, or already own one, these pages contain important information for all families entering the 1-to-1 Program.

Students are expected to bring a personal digital device to school to support their learning.

  • Students in grades 3 to 5 use a standard iPad in the Primary School 1-to-1 iPad Program.
  • Students in grades 6 to 12 use a personal laptop the Secondary 1-to-1 Laptop Program.

The 1-to-1 Program facilitates authentic personalized learning opportunities for all students. This is realized by providing students resources that encourages them to extend their learning through the use of diverse multi-media resources, to grow their individual learning styles, all while developing the 21st Century Skills that will support them for the rest of their life; all right at their fingertips.

Why Apple? / 為何要選擇 Apple?

Today's computer market offers a rich set of choices that meet a wide variety of individual needs. After careful analysis that evaluated different computer and tablet models, student needs, effective learning environments, and successful 1-to-1 programs, it was clear Apple was the best choice to meet our student's needs.

Apple laptops and iPads hold up to the rigors of daily use, while being accessible for novice users and powerful enough for advanced users.

Additionally, Apple's App Store contains the largest selection of high quality education apps on the market.


經過仔細分析,考慮到不同品牌、型號、學生需要、有效於學習環境和過往成功的 1:1 計劃;無疑 Apple 是能夠滿足學生需要的最佳選擇。Apple 筆記本電腦和iPad 可以達到日常使用中的嚴格要求,同時方便新手用戶理解其功能並能讓高級用戶完成複雜的工作。有關iPad的應用程式,Apple的App Store捉供了較多的高質量教育應用程式以供選擇。

Live span of a device

Ordering a Laptop or iPad / 如何訂購筆記本電腦/iPad

We have partnered with Senco-Masslink Technology Ltd. to process purchases and provide technical support for our 1-to-1 program. Senco-Masslink has work closely with Hong Kong schools for 15+ and understands the demands placed on these devices by education and students. 

Devices can be purchased year-round through Senco-Masslink's education purchase portal.

  • Note to Grade 3 & 6 Parents: for families entering Grades 3 & 6 we STRONGLY urge parents to follow the time schedule shared during 1-to-1 Parent Information Evenings. This ensures your order is built with the latest configuration and is delivered on time. 1-to-1 Parent Information Evenings are typically held shortly after the Easter Holiday.

Senco-Masslink's online store can be access through the link below.



Visit Senco-Masslink Purchase Portal