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Drop-Off Procedure for Families Using a Family iPad

If you are sending your child to school with a family iPad it will need to be configured for use at school. Please review the following important information. 

As a reminder, if you choose this option you still need to provide headphones, a case, and purchase 1 FileWave licence from Senco Masslink.

Information about and instructions on how to purchase these items can be found on our 1-to-1 iPad Program website by clicking here.

Dropping your child's iPad off at the IT Help Desk:

  • Option A - drop your iPad off between 15th and 19th of August.
  • Option B - drop your iPad off during the first week of school.
  • Option C - if you have purchased an iPad after the start of school, you can drop the iPad off at the IT Helpdesk at any time.

iPads will not be returned on the same day they are dropped off. iPads will be distributed directly to students in their classrooms.

What to bring to the IT Helpdesk in Charles Kao Square (CKS):

  • 1 iPad
  • A protective case for the iPad
  • Printed proof of purchase for FileWave purchase from Senco-Masslink.
    • Note: if you do not have proof of purchase for FileWave your child's iPad cannot be configured for use at school.
    • If you purchase FileWave you will receive an email from Senco-Masslink as proof of purchase.
    • If you have not received this email, please contact Senco-Masslink using:
    • Instructions on how to place an order for FileWave and a link to Senco’s website can be found at the bottom of this webpage: iPad Program Overview

All items must be clearly labeled with:

  • Your child’s full name, including both Chinese and English
  • Student ID#
  • Class

What NOT to bring:

  • iPad charger or charging cable.
  • iPad box.
  • Any accessories (cables, headphones, ...), send these items directly to your child's class with your child.


Your iPad will have all content erased as part of the configuration process. No information can be retrieved after this. Before dropping your iPad off, please make sure you perform the following;

  • Back up any content on the iPad.
  • Sign out of any App Store / iCloud accounts.
  • Remove any passcodes.
  • A full factory reset.
  • Update to the latest iOS.

Purchasing an iPad 

If you have changed your mind and now wish to purchase an iPad, please visit our iPad Program Overview webpage for details and instructions: click here.



請於8月15日期間在Charles Kao Square的IT服務台放下以下物品(越早越好)。

  • 1台iPad (Charger not required)
  • 一個iPad保護套
  • 從Senco-Masslink購買Filewave的證明。有關如何訂購Filewave的說明以及Senco網站的鏈接,請訪問此網頁的底部:iPad計劃概述


  • 您孩子的全名,包括中文和英文
  • 學生號碼#
  • 班別
  • 請子女於開學的第一天,把耳機帶回學校。

重要: 在將iPad送至服務台之前,請確保執行以下操作:

  • 備份iPad上的所有內容
  • 退出任何App Store / iCloud帳戶
  • 刪除任何密碼
  • 建議重置出廠設置
  • 在設置中更新到最新的iOS