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iPad Program / iPad 計劃概要

Introduction / 簡介

The 1-to-1 iPad program is an exciting program that enhances and complements the Primary School curriculum. The iPad program is aligned with the school’s Mission, Vision, and Values, our STEM initiatives, and curriculum designed to prepare our students for future excellence.

This page contains important information for all families entering the 1-to-1 Program, whether you have your own iPad already, or need to purchase one for your child through the 1-to-1 Purchase Program.

Please check back periodically for updates.


此頁面包含了即將進入1對1 iPad計劃的家庭所需的重要信息;無論您是否擁有自己的iPad,或者需要通過1對1購買計劃為您的孩子購買。


COVID-19 has impacted the manufacturing and distribution of goods and services. To make sure your child's device is ready for the start of the school year, the window for placing orders has moved forward by one month. Please read the dates below carefully and please submit your order as early as possible.

April 21stImportant Dates for 2022-23 / 重要日期

The schedule shared here is for students moving from Grade 2 into Grade 3 and Primary students new to The ISF. Existing Primary students can place a laptop order at any time.  

  • Parent iPad Program Information Live Stream: Tuesday 26th April 2021
    • 9:00 am, Tuesday 26th click to view the live stream video Grade 2-to-3 1-to-1 iPad Program. (This link will remain active after the live stream.)
    • Details about the 2022-23 iPad program and order process are released.
    • After the live stream EdTech will email supporting information to all Grade 2 parents. 
  • Place Orders: 26th April to 27th May, 2022
    • Please orders using Senco-Masslink Technology Ltd.'s online portal.
    • Details and a link to the purchase portal are provided below.
  • Deadline for Orders: 27th May, 2022
    • Orders placed after 27th of May might not be ready for distributed at the start of the school year.  
    •  If you miss this deadline please contact the EdTech team to review your purchasing options.
  • Orders are Prepared: June-July
    • iPads are cloned and prepared for delivery to the school.
  • Distribution of iPads: August - First Week of School
    • Orders are distributed to students at the start of the year.
    • Parents will be notified of the exact distribution date.
    • The logistics for distributing devices to students will be finalized closer to the start of the school year to ensure it supports conditions at that time.

Purchase Information for Students Joining The ISF Mid-Year

If your child is joining The ISF after the school year has begun you have two options for purchasing an iPad. 

  • Option 1 - If your child is starting one or more months later from today, we recommend you purchase your child's iPad and accessories (see below for the list of items in the iPad bundle) through Senco-Masslink Ltd. The iPad and accessories will be delivered directly to school. The iPad is pre-configured with the school's settings to work out-of-the-box. Orders take approximately four weeks to be delivered to the school. 
  • Option 2 - If your child is starting anytime in the next four weeks, we recommend you purchase your child's iPad directly from the closest Apple Store. Purchasing directly from Apple is the fastest way to obtain an iPad. You will need to arrange to purchase the additional accessories (see below for the list of items in the iPad bundle) either from Senco-Masslink or from a store directly. The iPad will need to be configured to work at the school. Please carefully read the information contained in iPad Drop Off Details for instructions on how to bring your iPad to school.

iPad Drop Off (Special Arrangement) Details

  • August 8th, 2022 - Families who who purchased an iPad from an Apple Store, or will use a previously owned iPad must take the iPad to the IT Help Desk to have it configured with the school's settings for it to work on campus. 
    • iPads can be taken to the IT Help Desk starting from August 8th, 2022.
  • You must provide proof of purchase for one (1) license of Filewave purchased through Senco-Masslink. See below for additional details.
  • When you bring the iPad to the IT Help Desk, please note the following:
    • The iPad WILL be erased and data WILL NOT be retrievable.
    • Backup ALL information before bringing the iPad in.
    • Sign out of any Apple IDs and turn off passwords, passcodes, or security login. 
    • Label the iPad with:
      • your child's full name including both Chinese & English
      • Student ID#
      • Class
  • Headphones and power cables
    • Do NOT bring the headphones or any power cables to the IT Help Desk.
    • Send headphones and other acc

Live Stream Presentation Reviewing the 1-to-1 iPad Program

This presentation contains the information on entire 1-to-1 Program covering both iPads and laptops.

Minimum Requirements for the iPad Program

All families are required to have the following items to meet the needs and expectations of students in the 1-to-1 iPad program.

  • 1 - 8th Generation iPad: MINIMUM of 128 to 256 GB of storage. Newer models are better, but students DO NOT need either the iPad Pros or iPad Air.
  • Filewave: one 36 month software license (IMPORTANT: this is required for all iPads. See message below regarding Filewave.)
  • 3 year warranty: 2 year AppleCare+ and 1 year Senco-Masslink Ltd. hardware warranty
  • 1 iPad: protective case
  • 1 Headphone: over-the-ear style

所有家庭都必須擁有以下項目,以滿足學生在1對1 iPad計劃中的需求和期望。

  • 1 - 8th Generation iPad:容量至少128GB。什麼型號也可以,但學生不需要用到iPad pro或iPad air。
  • Filewave:  36個月軟件許可證(重要提示:這是所有iPad都需要的。請參閱下面有關Filewave的消息。)
  • 3年保養及維修:2年AppleCare +和1年Senco-Masslink Ltd.硬件保養
  • 1 iPad :保護殼
  • 1耳機:耳罩式耳機

The 2022-23 iPad Package / iPad組合

This year's iPad package 

  • 10.2" 9th Generation iPad
  • A13 Bionic chip w/64-bit architecture / Neural Engine
  • 256 GB storage
  • Filewave: one 36 month software license (IMPORTANT: this is required for all iPads. See message below regarding Filewave.)
  • 3 year warranty: 2 year AppleCare+ and 1 year Senco-Masslink Ltd. hardware warranty
  • 1 iPad: protective case
  • 1 Headphone: StudyPhones Jr over-the-ear earphones


For families who already have an iPad that is less than 1.5 years old from the start of the school year can consider using the device with your child. Please read the following IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS for using a previously purchased iPad as the iPad must meet the following conditions:

Applicable Models


  • iPad 7th Generation 128 to 256GB or higher 
  • iPad Air 3rd Generation 256GB


  • iPad Pro is NOT a suitable device
  • iPad Air 3rd Generation 64GB version is not suitable


  • The iPad MUST have been purchased after January 2020 (This is 1.5 years before August 2021).
  • The iPad MUST be compatible with iOS 14.
  • The iPad CANNOT be enrolled in the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) of another organization, such as the parent's work.
  • When the iPad is connected to the school's DEP, the iPad will be reset to factory conditions and ALL data and installed applications will be deleted. Please back up existing data before delivering the iPad to the school as erased data cannot be recovered.
  • Depending on the connector and charging cables used with your device, you may need to provide a connecting cable to recharge your child's iPad. The ISF Academy cannot provide appropriate connectors for all model iPads

Families MUST arrange to purchase the following items. They are available through the Senco-Masslink Purchase portal.

  • One 36 month (3 years) user license for Filewave through Senco-Masslink Ltd.
  • One (1) over the ear headphone that is compatible with your child's iPad.
  • One (1) protective case for your child's iPad.


  • Understand the existing warranty for your iPad may not cover the full three years (Grades 3, 4, & 5) during which the iPad will be used.
  • Under certain repair conditions, your iPad might not be eligible for support at the school's IT Help Desk.
  • You can purchase an extended warranty through Senco-Masslink - conditions and limitations may apply.

Your child's iPad will need to be dropped off at the school's IT Department to be configured for the school network. Due to the number of computers being supported, this can take up to five days. This process cannot be done early or over the summer. iPads will be returned to your child's classroom after it has been configured.

Families are NOT required purchase additional accessories such at the Apple Pencil or connectors for your child.

Families can purchase these accessories if you wish, they are available through the Senco-Masslink online store. If you purchase any additional accessories please DO NOT send them to school with your child. The school is not responsible for any Apple Pencils or accessories sent to the school.

Filewave is a software that supports the centralized management of digital devices on the school network.

With Filewave installed on your child's iPad, we are able to configure, manage, and support the device, update the operating system to make sure it has updated security patches, and install applications used in the classroom to support their learning. 

iPads purchased through the 1-to-1 Purchase Program include a 36 month (3 year) license for Filewave in the the purchase.

Families providing their own iPad MUST purchase a 36 month Filewave license through Senco-Masslink so the device can be supported on the school network and in the classroom.




  • iPad 7th Generation 128 - 256GB 或更高

  • iPad Air 3rd Generation 256GB (64GB版本並不合適)


  • iPad Pro 並不合適
  • iPad Air 3rd Generation 64GB版本並不合適


  • iPad必須在2020年1月之後購買(在2021年8月之前是1.5年)。
  • iPad必須與iOS 14兼容。
  • iPad未有註冊到其他組織的設備註冊程序(DEP),例如父母的工作地點。
  • 當iPad連接到學校的DEP時,iPad將重置為出廠狀態,並且將刪除所有數據和已安裝的應用程序。在將iPad送到學校之前,請備份現有數據,因為被刪除的數據將無法恢復。
  • 根據設備使用的連接器和充電電纜,您可能需要提供連接充電線為孩子的iPad充電。 ISF將無法為所有型號的iPad提供合適的連接器。 

家長/家庭必須安排購買以下物品。它們可通過Senco-Masslink portal網站購買

  • 家庭需要通過Senco-Masslink Ltd.為Filewave購買一個36個月(3年)的用戶許可證。
  • 家庭需要為您孩子的iPad購買一個與您孩子的iPad兼容的耳罩式耳機。
  • 家庭需要為您孩子的iPad購買一個保護殼。


  • 了解現有的iPad保養不會涵蓋iPad計劃的整整三年(3年級、4年級及5年級)。
  • 在某些維修條件下,您的iPad可能未必能夠獲得學校IT服務台的支援。
  • 您可以通過Senco-Masslink購買延長保養期 - 但可能衍生條件和限制。


家庭不需要購買額外的附件,如Apple Pencil或您孩子的連接器。


如果您購買任何其他配件,請不要讓您的孩子帶回學校。 學校不對任何送到學校的Apple Pencils或配件負責。




提供自己iPad的家庭, 必須通過Senco-Masslink購買36個月的Filewave許可證,因此該設備才能在學校網絡和教室中得到支援。

Placing your order with Senco-Masslink / 於信港電腦訂購您的筆記本電腦

There are two methods for purchasing an iPad for your child: through Senco-Masslink Technology Ltd., our school partner, or directly from an Apple store. 

We recommend you purchase the device through Senco-Masslink. 

iPads purchased through Senco-Masslink include the 3-year extended AppleCare warranty, comes pre-configured with The ISF school WiFi, and has additional resources pre-loaded.

Devices purchased directly from an Apple store only include 1 year AppleCare warranty, and do NOT come pre-configured for use at The ISF. Your child's device will need to be dropped off a the school's IT Department to be configured for use at the school. Due to the number of computers being supported, this can take up to two days. Regretfully this cannot be done early or over the summer.

We have partnered with Senco-Masslink Technology Ltd. to manage school orders. We are confident with their ability to deliver the level of support we expect. Orders are placed through Senco-Masslink's school purchasing program website, a link is provided below. The content on this page is regularly updated therefore we recommend you review all information before placing an order. 

If you have any problems with your order, please contact Senco-Masslink directly. 

Orders are placed through Senco-Masslink's school purchasing program website. 

First time purchasers:

When purchasing your child's first device you need to create a new user account on the website. Please use your ISF Academy parent email address for your account. 

  • This is required to verify you are a member of our school and can enjoy the education discount. 
  • This will also allow you to purchase additional Apple products (limit 1 per child) at the education discount price.

您有兩種方法為您的孩子購買電子設備:通過我們學校夥伴信港電腦有限公司,或直接到 Apple 商店。


  • 經信港電腦購買的電子設備已包含將保障期延長至三年的 AppleCare 服務,連同預先設置的學校 WiFi連接和預先加載的附加資源。
  • 經 Apple 商店直接購買的電子設備只包含一年 AppleCare 保障期,並不包括在弘立書院使用的配置,您需要把您孩子的設備交到學校的資訊科技部以安裝在學校使用的配置。由於學校支援的電腦數目眾多,可能需要兩天時間。我們抱歉這無法在暑假或更早的時間完成。






  • 這需要用來核實您是弘立書院的成員並可享有折扣優惠。
  • 這允許您以此折扣價購買額外 Apple 產品(每位孩子限買 1 件)。