iPad Program

This page contains important information for families entering the 1-to-1 iPad Program and who need to purchase a device for their child. If you already have an iPad, please view the information we have on this page, Pre-Owned iPads to see if your current device qualifies to be used at school.

COVID-19 has impacted the manufacturing and distribution of electronic goods. To ensure sure your child’s device is ready for the start of the school year, please read the dates below and submit your order as early as possible.

The following dates are for students entering Grade 3 or new students joining Grades 4 & 5 in the 2023-24 school year.

Students already part of the 1-to-1 iPad program can order an iPad at any time during the school year.  

Presentation on the 1-to-1 Purchase Program

The presentation shared here contains information about the 1-to-1 purchase program for 2023-24 and covers both the purchase of iPads and laptops.

Important Dates

Ordering an iPad

  • Tuesday, 18th April 2023 – Email to Parents
    • Details about the 2023-24 iPad models and order process are shared with Grade 2 parents by email.
  • 18th April to 29th May – Placing Orders
    • Orders are placed using Senco-Masslink Technology Ltd.’s online store.
    • Details on how to place an order and a link to the online store are provided below.
  • 29th May 2023 – Deadline for Orders
    • Orders placed after the 29th of May might not be ready for distribution at the start of the school year. 
    •  If you miss this deadline, please contact the EdTech team to review your purchasing options.
  • June thru July – Orders are Prepared
    • iPads are cloned and prepared for delivery to the school.
  • Tuesday, 8th August 2023 – Distribution of iPads
    • Orders are distributed to students at the start of the year.
    • Details about the process for picking your iPad up from school will be emailed to parents closer to the date above.

iPads Not Purchased Through School Program

If you decide to use a family iPad, or purchase an iPad outside of the school purchase program, PLEASE read the important information shared in the FAQ section at the bottom of this webpage where we provide details about the minimum specifications and process for you to follow.

  • Tuesday 8th August and First Week of School
    • If you already have a iPad, or have purchased a iPad outside of the school purchase program, you can bring your iPad to school for it to be configured.
    • You will need to leave the iPad for 1-day.
    • You will need to provide an administrator user account and password for the configuration to be completed.

Purchase Information for Students Joining Mid-Year

If your child is joining The ISF after the school year has begun you have two options for purchasing your iPad.

  • Option 1 – If your child is starting one or more months later from the day you are reading this, we recommend you purchase your child’s iPad and accessories from Senco-Masslink Ltd. The iPad and accessories will be delivered directly to school and will be pre-configured with the school’s settings. Orders take approximately 4-weeks to be delivered.
  • Option 2 – If your child is starting school in the next four weeks, we recommend purchasing your child’s iPad directly from the closest Apple Store. This is the fastest way to obtain an iPad. You will also need to arrange for the purchase of additional required accessories (see below for the list of required accessories) either from Senco-Masslink or from a store. The iPad will need to be configured to work at the school before it can enter the classroom. Please carefully read the information contained in iPad Drop Off Details for instructions on how to bring your iPad to school.

The 2023-24 iPad Package

Prices are subject to change. Final prices are listed on the Senco-Masslink online store. 


The iPad Package includes:

  • 1 iPad
    • 10.9″ 10th Generation iPad – Silver
    • A14 Bionic chip w/64-bit architecture / Neural Engine
    • 256 GB storage
    • USB-C port for charging (new)
  • 1 Filewave license: one 36 month software license. This is required for all iPads, see below for additional details.
  • 3 Year Warranty: 2 year AppleCare+ warranty and 1 year Senco-Masslink Ltd. hardware warranty.
  • 1 Protective Case
  • 1 Pair of Over-the-Ears Headphones
  • Price: $5,696.00

Purchasing an iPad

If you already have an iPad for your child and wish to use this instead, please review the information shared in the FAQ section below.

There are two methods for for you to purchase an iPad for your child:

  • From Senco-Masslink Technology Ltds’ online store.
    • Devices purchased through Senco-Masslink’s online store include the 2+1 AppleCare+ & Senco-Masslink’s warranty, is eligible for on-site technical support and repairs, comes pre-configured for use on the school campus, has the Filewave license, and is delivered to the school ready for use at the start of the school year.
  • From an Apple store.
    • Devices purchase from an Apple store include the 2 year AppleCare+ warranty, is NOT pre-configured for use on the school campus and needs to be dropped off at the IT Help Desk for configuration and registration. On-site technical support, under certain conditions may be limited.

We recommend purchasing your child’s iPad through Senco-Masslink. We have partnered with Senco-Masslink Technology Ltd. to manage school orders and are confident in their ability to deliver the level of support we expect. 

If you have any questions about an existing order or placing an order, please contact Senco-Masslink directly.

  • eMail: info@sencohk.com
  • Phone: 2511-5760

First Time Buyers

If this is your first time purchasing your child a digital device using Senco-Masslink’s online store you need to create a new user account on their website. Please use your ISF parent email address for your account.

By using your ISF parent email address you verify you are a member of our school community and qualify for the education discount. This also qualifies you to purchase other items and additional Apple products (limit 1-per child) at an education discount. Orders are placed using Senco-Masslink’s online store.

New Family Purchasers

If you are a new family and do not have your ISF parent or student email address yet, you can still place an order. During the registration process, you will be asked to upload a supporting document (i.e. a Student ID card or an Acceptance Offer Letter*) as proof of eligibility. For your situation, please use a personal (non-ISF) email address for your account. Orders are placed using Senco-Masslink’s online store.

*Uploading a document: please upload your supporting document in either PDF or JPG format and a file size less than 2MB.


We Already Have an iPad, Can We Use This?

For families who already have an iPad that is less than 1.5 years old from the start of the school year can consider using the device with your child. The iPad must have a minimum storage of 256GB.

  • We do NOT support iPad-Mini as the screen is too small.
  • We STRONGLY discourage using larger iPad Pros. The screen is to large, has a higher chance of being dropped due to its size, and does not fit in the security lockers we use to store the iPads. 

If you decide to use a family owned iPad, you must sign out of any Apple ID accounts and remove it from any MDM control systems if the device is part of an MDM.

The iPad WILL be erased and reset before being configured for use on campus. This means ALL data on the device will be removed and CANNOT be retrieved. Make sure you back the iPad up before turning it into the school.

Please review the information and procedure for dropping your iPad off at school by clicking here: Drop-Off Procedure for Families Using a Family iPad.

Filewave – What is it?

Filewave is software that supports the centralized management of digital devices on the school network. With Filewave installed on your child’s iPad, the IT Department is able to configure, manage, and support the device, update the operating system, make sure it has updated security patches, and install applications used in the classroom to support their learning.

iPads purchased through the 1-to-1 Purchase Program include a 36-month (3-year) license for Filewave in the purchase.

What Does the Warranty Cover?

Accidents happen. The warranty includes 2 years of AppleCare+ warranty and 1 year of Senco-Masslink Ltd. hardware warranty. The AppleCare+ warranty is extended for 2 years and covers incidents of hardware failure and limited accidental damage protection. Each incident is subject to a handling service fee. The 3rd year Senco Masslink Ltd. hardware warranty does not cover man-made and/or accidental damage but does cover hardware failure. Each incident is subject to a handling service fee.  

Your child’s iPad can be dropped off at the school’s IT Help Desk in Charles Kao Square for support. During the first two years and under the AppleCare+ warranty you are also eligible to drop your iPad off at any authorized Apple Service Centre. 

Do I need to buy an Apple Pencil?

Families are NOT required to purchase an Apple Pencil for their child.

Families can purchase an Apple Pencil for home use if they wish. They are available through the Senco-Masslink online store. If you purchase an Apple Pencil or any additional accessories please DO NOT send them to school with your child. The school is not responsible for any Apple Pencils or accessories sent to the school.

2022-23 Live Stream Presentation

You can watch the 2022-23 live stream discussing the iPad program below. Due to unforeseen circumstances we were unable to run a live stream information session for 2023-24. 

The information contained in the video below is still relevant however, note the iPad and laptop details contained in it refer to the previous year’s models. The information provided above should be referenced when making your iPad purchase.