Why Do I Have a Separate Parent Accounts for Each Child?

Families are issued one (1) parent account for each child enrolled in The ISF. Each account is based on the student ID of each child. Each parent ID is linked to that child.


This family has three (3) children enrolled in school. 這個家庭有三 (3) 個孩子在上學。

The Family Account

The parent ID of the first child enrolled in the school is called the Family Account.

The Family Account is special because is linked to all children enrolled in The ISF. This makes is easy to see information related to all of your child and perform important tasks using only one account. In the example above, the family account would be p0011111.

For parents who are separated or divorced, a separate parent account can be created for each parent. This is only done by special request and must be submitted to the school’s Register.