Overview of Online Resources

The video below is an overview of online resources used at The ISF Pre-school and The ISF Academy. The topics covered are listed below. You can either watch the complete video (below) or use the chapter links listed below to jump to a specific portion of the video. 

Chapter Links

  1.  Parent User Accounts / 家長用戶帳戶
  2.  Parent Email / 家長電子郵件
  3.  Logging In / 帳戶登入
  4.  Password Management / 帳戶密碼管理
  5.  Managing Email / 電子郵件管理
  6.  The ISF Websites / 弘立書院網頁
  7.  The ISF Mobile App / 弘立書院流動應用程式
  8.  PowerSchool
  9.  PTA & Parent Communications / 家長教師會及家長通訊
  10.  Moodle & Google
  11.  Parent Support / 家長支援網頁