Laptop Program

This page contains important information for families entering the 1-to-1 Laptop Program and who need to purchase a device for their child. If you already have a laptop, please view the information we have on this page, Pre-Owned laptops to see if your current device qualifies to be used at school.

COVID-19 has impacted the manufacturing and distribution of electronic goods. To ensure sure your child’s device is ready for the start of the school year, please read the dates below and submit your order as early as possible.

The following dates are for students entering Grade 6 or new students joining Secondary in the 2023-24 school year.

Students already part of the 1-to-1 Laptop program can place orders for a laptop anytime during the school year.

Presentation on the 1-to-1 Purchase Program

The presentation shared here contains information about the 1-to-1 purchase program for 2023-24 and covers both the purchase of iPads and laptops.

Important Dates for 2024-25 (Additional Information to be Updated Later)

  • Livestream Parent Information Session – Thursday, 18th April 2024
    • Join Ryan KRAKOFSKY and Sean MORAN as we review the order process and device details for the 2024-25 school year. An email with the link to the livestream will be emailed to parents AND a link to the livestream will be posted here for your convenience.
  • Placing Orders – Dates to be Confirmed
  • Deadline for Orders – Date to be Confirmed
  • iPad and Laptop Distribution – Tuesday, 13th August, 2024
    • iPad and laptop orders will be distributed to students and families from CKS in the Secondary School building. Additional details on how to collect your order will be shared later.

Important Dates for 2023-24 Orders

Ordering a Laptop

  • Tuesday, 18th April 2023 – Email to Parents
    • Details about the 2023-24 laptop models and order process are shared with Grade 5 parents by email.
  • 18th April to 28th May – Orders can be Placed
    • Orders are placed using Senco-Masslink Technology Ltd.’s online store.
    • Instructions on how to place an order and a link to the online store are provided below.
  • 29th May 2023 – Deadline for Orders
    • Orders placed after the 29th of May might not be ready for distribution at the start of the school year.
    • If you miss the deadline, please contact the EdTech team to review your purchasing options.
  •  June thru July – Orders are Prepared
    • Laptops are cloned and prepared for delivery to the school.
  • Tuesday, 8th August 2023 – Distribution of Laptops to Families
    • Orders are distributed to students from the school campus.
    • Details about the process for picking your laptop up from school will be emailed to parents closer to the date above.

Laptops Not Purchased Through School Program

If you decide to use a family laptop, or purchase a laptop outside of the school laptop purchase program, PLEASE read the important information shared in the FAQ section at the bottom of this webpage where we provide details about the minimum specifications and process for you to follow.

  • First Week of School
    • If you already have a laptop, or have purchased a laptop outside of the school laptop purchase program, you can bring your laptop to school for it to be configured.
    • You will need to leave the laptop for 1-day.
    • You will need to provide an administrator user account and password for the configuration to be completed.

The Laptop Packages

Here you will find details about the three laptop packages we have on offer. The expected lifespan of a laptop is 3-to-4 years.

For most students, either Package A or Package B is the perfect choice. These have a good sized screen, enough RAM memory and storage, and performance to meet the daily needs of their school work. Grade 6 to 8 students generally do not need a larger screen, additional RAM, or larger hard drives.

For students who need a little extra power for working with media, video editing, or programming, we have Package C. This model is better suited for older students taking media, design, or programming courses.

Each package includes one laptop plus the following:

  • AppleCare+ Warranty w/On-site Support
    • Each laptop includes 3-year extended AppleCare+ warranty.
    • AppleCare+ covers hardware and limited accidental coverage.
    • If purchased through the school purchase program, on-site/campus technical support is included for hardware issues or damages.
    • Additional details and specifications can be found on the Senco-Masslink online store.
  • 1 USB-C to USB-A Adapter
    • All MacBook laptops have USB-C as its standard USB connector. Unfortunately USB-C is not compatible with many commonly used USB devices. The USB-C to USB-A adapter allows your child’s laptop to easily use these USB tools.
  • Pre-configuration for Compatibility with School Resources
    • Each package comes pre-configured for use on campus.

Package A – M2 MacBook Air 13″

MacBook Air

This is our entry-level model for students. The MacBook Air is a lightweight device making it easy to carry. It has excellent screen size, CPU performance, and storage that meets our students’ learning needs for the next three years.

  • M2 Chip
    • 8-core CPU
    • 8-core GPU
    • 16-core Neural Engine
  • 8GB of unified memory
  • 256GB SSD storage
  • 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display with True Tone
  • 1080p FaceTime HD camera
  • MagSafe 3 charging port, 30W USB-C Power Adapter
  • Two Thunderbolt USB 4 ports
  • Price: $11,391.00

Package B- M2 MacBook Pro 13″

MacBook Pro 13"

This is our standard model laptop for students. The MacBook Pro is a workhorse with a great screen size, CPU performance, and storage that meets our student’s learning needs for the next three years.

  • M2 Chip
    • 8-core CPU
    • 10-core GPU
    • 16-core Neural Engine
  • 8GB of unified memory
  • 256GB SSD storage
  • 13.3-inch Retina display with True Tone
  • Touch Bar and Touch ID
  • 2 Thunderbolt USB-4 ports
  • 67W USB-C Power Adapter
  • Price: $11,926.00

Package C – M2 MacBook Pro 14″

MacBook Pro 14

This is model has additional power and storage for students who are interested in media. The MB Pro is a workhorse with a great screen size, CPU performance, and storage that meets our student’s learning needs for the next three years.

  • M2 Pro Chip
    • 10-core CUP
    • 16-core GPU
    • 16-core Neural Engine
  • 16GB unified memory
  • 512GB SSD storage
  • 14-inch Liquid Retina XDR display
  • 3 Thunderbolt 4 ports, HDMI port
  • SDXC card slot
  • MagSafe 3 charging port, 67W USB-C Power Adapter
  • Backlit Magic Keyboard with Touch ID
  • Price: $17,556.00


USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adaptor

This adapter allows a MacBook laptop to connect to external monitors and projectors using an HDMI port. This can be useful if your child has an extra monitor to use at home, or needs to connect their laptop to a TV or LCD projector. This is available for purchase through the Senco-Masslink online store.

USBC to Digital AV MultiPort Adapter


We recommend you purchase a backpack that includes a protective space for your child’s laptop. This is usually a part of the backpack that allows the laptop to slip-in and be protected from books and stops it from falling out of the backpack.



Apple computers are well known for not having as many viruses as Windows computers however, in today’s world, many viruses can be Internet-based, which means they can infect your child’s laptop simply by visiting a webpage.

Anti-virus software on a computer is a good idea.

Several good brands are on the market, such as Kaspersky Lab and Symantec Antivirus. Please search for these for additional information.


Backup System for Your Laptop

Most people think about backing their computer up but never actually do it. Therefore, the most important rule for backing up a laptop or computer simply is, ‘Do it!’

There are many methods for backing up a computer. We recommend the following in order of what we think is the best solution:

  1. Use an Online Backup Service – this is the most convenient method for backing your laptop up. Most online backup services run in the background, continuously backing up your laptop. Click here for a list comparing online backup solutions.
  2. Use an external hard drive – this is an easy way to backup your laptop. Connect the external drive and copy your laptop’s content to it. However, this requires you to remember to do this. We recommend using an external hard drive that is twice the size of your laptop’s hard drive. Example: If your laptop has a 256GB hard drive, we recommend you use a 500GB external hard drive to back it up.
  3. Time Machine by Apple – Time Machine is a backup solution built into Apple computers’ OS X operating system. It is easy to use and requires an external hard drive. Make sure you read the instructions carefully before using this solution. Click here for information on Time Machine.

Image by: Andrew Neel, Unsplash

Purchasing a Laptop

If you already have a laptop for your child and wish to use this instead, please review the information shared in the FAQ section below.

There are two methods for purchasing a laptop for your child.

  • From Senco-Masslink Ltds’ online store.
    • Devices purchased through Senco-Masslink’s online store includes the 3 year extended AppleCare+ warranty, is eligible for on-site technical support and repairs, comes pre-configured for use on the school campus, has additional resources pre-loaded or configured, and is delivered to the school ready for use at the start of the year.
  • From an Apple store.
    • Devices purchased from an Apple store include the 3 year AppleCare+ warranty, is NOT pre-configured for use on the school campus. The laptop will need to be dropped off at the IT Help Desk to be registered and configured for use on the school campus. On-site technical support, under certain conditions may be limited.

We recommend purchasing your child’s laptop through Senco-Masslink. We have partnered with Senco-Masslink Technology Ltd. to manage school orders and are confident in their ability to deliver the level of support we expect. Orders can be placed using the link to Senco-Masslink’s online store. Please review the information contained in the FAQ section before placing your order.

If you have any questions about an existing order or placing an order, please contact Senco-Masslink directly.


First Time Purchasers

If this is your first time purchasing your child a digital device using Senco-Masslink’s online store you need to create a new user account on their website. Please use your ISF parent email address for your account.

By using your ISF parent email address you verify you are a member of our school community and qualify for the education discount. This also qualifies you to purchase other items and additional Apple products (limit 1-per child) at an education discount. Orders are placed using Senco-Masslink’s online store.

New Family Purchasers

If you are a new family and do not have your ISF parent or student email address yet, you can still place an order. During the registration process, you will be asked to upload a supporting document (i.e. a Student ID card or an Acceptance Offer Letter*) as proof of eligibility. For your situation, please use a personal (non-ISF) email address for your account. Orders are placed using Senco-Masslink’s online store.

*Uploading a document: please upload your supporting document in either PDF or JPG format and a file size less than 2MB.

Apple and Windows Laptops, and Laptops Purchased Outside

If you already own an Apple computer or want to use a Windows laptop this is not a problem! We can support your child’s computer if it meets the minimum specifications shared below.

Your child’s laptop needs to be registered with the school’s IT Department at the start of the school year or when your child enters the school. This can be done by bringing the laptop to the IT Help Desk in CKS. They will record the laptop’s MAC address, connect the laptop to the school’s WiFi, and setup printing. Be prepared to leave the laptop with the IT Help Desk for 1 day to complete the configuration.


  • Age of laptop: the computer should be 2 years or less old. School laptops are heavily used and we have found laptops that are 3 years or older are slow and need to be replaced.
  • CPU: iCore 5.1 GHz or faster.
  • RAM: minimum of 8GB of RAM.
  • Storage (Hard drive): 256GB of storage space or greater.
  • Screen size: we recommend 13″ screen size. 14″ to 16″ screens are OK but these tend to be heavier.
  • Administration Rights: either you or your child need to have administrator rights on the computer. This is so updates can be applied to the computer and programs installed. If your child is a Standard User on the computer your assistance will be needed to update your child’s laptop and install software. If you need additional assistance with this, please contact EdTech using: [email protected].
  • Operating System: 
    • Apple computers: the laptop should support MacOS 12 (Monterey) or newer.
    • Windows computers: should support Windows 11 and have the latest patches installed.
  • Pre-installed software: 
    • Antivirus: for Windows computers please install antivirus software on the computer. Norton Antivirus has additional family protection and management features built into the software which can be beneficial.
    • Microsoft Office: you do not need to install MS Office. All students qualify to install MS Office on their computer. Instructions on how to do this are shared in their ICT class or they can ask the IT Help Desk in CKS for assistance.
    • iMovie (Apple only): iMovie is a video editor available in the Apple App store.
    • GarageBand (Apple only): GarageBand is an audio editor available in the Apple App store.
    • ClipChamp (Windows only): ClipChamp is a video editor available for free.
    • Audacity (Windows only): Audacity is an audio editor available for free.

Apple App Store Account for Your Child

Your child needs to have their own Apple App Store account created using a personal email address, not your child’s ISF email address.

The Apple App Store account will allow your child to download and install software and get operating system updates. This is important to ensure your child’s laptop work  and is compatible with system updates.

If you want to make your child’s Apple App Store account a managed Family account, which gives you, the parent, control over what they install, please click here to view information on Family Accounts and how to set it up.

Why We Recommend Apple Computers for Grade 6-to-8 Students

  • By having all Grade 6-to-8 students use the same laptop model and brand we are able to provide the best possible support for their learning.
  • Teachers can support their students because they are familiar with their students’ laptop.
  • Students can support each other when learning new skills and tools.
  • Students are able to take full advantage of lessons that fully compatible with expectations.
  • Technical support is more efficient and effective because the technicians are familiar with the hardware.

Which Laptop Model?

Grades 6-to-8

For students in Grades 6-to-8 all Package A and B packages meet our students’ needs. We do recommend Package B – MacBook Pro as the MacBook Pro has a little extra performance power, and the case is a little more robust.

Grades 9-to-12

All laptop packages meet our students’ needs, however being older and more experienced, students in Grades 9-to-12 can select a laptop model that matches their needs. Which laptop model you choose should take into consideration the courses your child will take. If they are taking classes in Design, Visual Arts, Computer Programming, or Film selecting a laptop that has additional power and storage, such as Package C, might be beneficial.

Registering Your Laptop with IT

For security reasons, all student laptops connecting to the school’s WiFi need to be registered with the IT Department. This can be done by bringing a new laptop to the IT Help Desk in CKS where they record the laptop’s MAC address and connect it to the school WiFi.

2022-23 Live Stream Presentation

You can watch the 2022-23 live stream discussing the laptop program below. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to run a live stream information session for 2023-24.

The information contained in the video below is still relevant however, note the iPad and laptop details contained in it refer to the previous year’s models. The information provided above should be referenced when making your laptop selection.