Family Owned iPads

This page contains important information for families considering using an iPad they already have for their child’s entry into the 1-to-1 iPad program. Please review the information below to assist you with your decision.

  • After reading the information on this page, please visit the information on the page Drop-Off Procedure for iPads and Laptops for additional information.
  • If you wish to learn about purchasing a new iPad through the school purchase program, please visit the iPad Program page for additional information.

Video & Presentation

Below, you can watch a video with information on the 1-to-1 Program and a presentation shared with parents. The video will be released on April 18th, 2024.

We Already Have an iPad, Can We Use This?

The Primary School 1-to-1 iPad program covers Grades 3 to 5. A well-taken care-of iPad will support your child for the three years they are in the program. For families with an existing iPad, you might consider having your child use it for school. However, there are minimum requirements and specifications that it must meet to ensure it can support your child and the work they will do.

iPad Specifications

  • Age: The iPad is less than 1.5 years old from the start of the school year. For example, if your child is entering Grade 3 in August 2024, the iPad needs to have been purchased on or after January 2023.
  • Storage: the iPad must have a minimum storage of 128GB; however, 256GB is better.
  • Size:
    • The 10.9″ (inch) iPad is the best size for students. It is large enough to easily read and small enough to carry.
    • iPad Minis are too small for the type of work done in school.
    • iPad Pro models come in 11″ and 12.9″ sizes. These are larger than students need and do not easily fit in the storage units we use to keep the iPads safe.
  • Management: The iPad must be signed out of any personal Apple ID account and cannot be part of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system.

Required Accessories

The following items must be purchased.

  • Filewave:
    • One Filewave license for 36 months is required for all iPads. Filewave allows our IT Department to manage the iPad and install apps needed for classwork on the device.
    • To be compatible with our school’s MDM system, this must be purchased through Senco-Masslink’s online store. See below.
  • Protective Case:
    • The iPad will be carried around the school and used in different locations. To protect it, we recommend a protective case.
  • Over-the-Ear Headphones with a Microphone:
    • Do not purchase Bluetooth headphones. We cannot charge wireless headphones.
    • Students listen to audio and videos and need headphones that can be comfortably worn in class.
    • Students will record themselves for work and reflections. To support this, they need a microphone. Having one built into the headphones makes this easy for students to manage.

All three items above can conveniently be purchased through Senco-Masslink’s online store (see information below). You are welcome to purchase a protective case or over-the-ear headphones with a microphone from an accessory store of your choosing. However, a single Filewave license must be purchased from Senco-Masslink for license management.


Accidents happen, and an active warranty helps manage these situations. If you purchase an iPad through the school purchase program, the iPad comes with:

  • 3 Years of AppleCare+ warranty, including unlimited incidents of accidental damage – terms and conditions apply; please speak with Apple.
  • 3 Years Pickup and Return On-site service. With this extra, your child’s iPad can be dropped off at the school’s IT Help Desk in Charles Kao Square for service and support, speeding up repairs.

If you purchase an iPad directly from Apple, it will have either the 2-year AppleCare+ or 3-year AppleCare+ warranty from the date of purchase. If you purchased your iPad one to two years before your child enters the 1-to-1 iPad program, your existing warranty might not cover all three years your child will use the iPad. Be aware there might be additional costs for your device if there is any accidental damage or malfunction.

Accessories Not Required

The following are not required for your child’s iPad at school.

  • Apple Pencil: families are not required to purchase an Apple Pencil for their child. You are welcome to purchase one for use at home, but please do not send it to school. If your child needs a stylus device at school, they will be provided one for use.
  • Bluetooth Headphones: please do not send Bluetooth or wireless headphones to school for your child to use. We cannot charge these, and they will be sent back home. Please see above for the approved type of headphones.
  • Keyboard: families are not required to purchase a keyboard for their child. The school has keyboards for each child to use with their iPad. These are stored in their homeroom class and are used as needed.

Data and User Accounts

For the iPad used in the 1-to-1 Program, it must be reset to factory conditions and configured for use on campus.

  • All data on the device will be deleted, and CANNOT be retrieved. Ensure you back up the iPad before turning it into the school.
  • All personal Apple ID accounts must be signed out before being used on campus.

Senco-Masslink’s Online Store

We have partnered with Senco-Masslink Technology Ltd. to provide families with an easy solution to purchasing their child’s iPad and appropriate accessories. This store is only available to members of our school community, which allows you to enjoy educational discounts on purchases made through their store.

To place an order, you need either your ISF Parent email address or a letter of admission if you are new to the school. During the registration process, you will be asked for either your ISF email or to upload a copy of the admission letter. If you use an admission letter to register your account, you can temporarily use a personal email address to complete the registration process.

If you have any questions about an existing order or placing an order, please contact Senco-Masslink directly:

Drop-Off Procedure for Your iPad

After reading the information on this page, please also read the information on the page: Drop-Off Procedure for iPads and Laptops.