School Calendars

Add School Calendars to Your ISF Google Account
As a member of The ISF Community, you can add school calendars to your ISF Google account. These help you keep track of school events and holidays.
Note: except for the generic School Weeks calendar, the student calendars cannot be added to a personal, non-ISF Google accounts.
What Calendars are Available?
The two calendars listed below are available for everyone, students, parents, and teachers. They display school specific events such as Sports Day, Love of Reading, photo taking and holidays.
•School Weeks – displays Week 1, Week 2, whole school events, holidays and PD days.
•Secondary School (Students)
Add the school calendars to your personal calendar by following these steps:
1Log in to your ISF Google account.
2Click on the name of the calendar from the list above.
3Click on the white “+Google Calendar” button located on at the bottom right corner of the windows that opens.
4Check your Calendar to make sure it has been added correctly ->
If these have been added to your account, you will see them listed on the left side of the screen under the calendar with your name.